LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — According to reports, on Jan. 15, the Little Rock Police Department received a call to a forgery in progress at the Bank of America on Cantrell Road. 

Officers were advised that a male, wearing a blue shirt and a ball cap was attempting to withdraw cash from an account that was not his. 

When officers arrived, they were advised by staff that the suspect left and began walking east on Cantrell Road.

As officers began looking for the suspects, they noticed a 2020 black Nissan Rogue come out of the neighborhood of Westbury and turn east onto Cantrell road. As the vehicle turned, officers noticed the driver was not wearing a seat belt and the front seat passenger was wearing blue shirt as described my the bank employees.

Police stopped the vehicle and made contact with the driver, 24-year-old Jodaine James. 

James provided a New York drivers license and advised that it was a rental. James provided a rental agreement out of Oklahoma City and a warning for an Oklahoma state trooper.

James advised that he and his passenger, 56-year-old Patrick Cooper, had gone to a basketball game in Mmphis yesterday and had come back this way to get something to eat.

While talking with these subjects, officers were advised that Cooper was the suspect from the forgery at the bank. Officers placed both subjects into custody and transported them to the station to be interviewed. 

Two employees at different Bank of America locations advised that Cooper had come into their locations posing as another customer and withdrew money from several accounts.

After further investigation, fraudulent identification was located for several victims, and Cooper and James were charged with forgery for each form of identification located.

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