BEEBE, Ark. (KTHV) -- In five short days Arkansas is scheduled to begin the executions of 7 men and the state has fulfilled their need for volunteer witnesses.

James Phillips’ wife, 34 year-old Mary Phillips, was raped and murdered and his daughter was almost beat to death by Jack Jones, one of the seven death row inmates set to be executed.

Phillips will be on the front row of Jones' execution April 24 as a witness.

“I don't think it will bother me a bit," he said. "I've been waiting for justice for nearly 22 years and that's all I'm after.”

His family and friends will also be there.

“My son, father-in-law, Mary's sister and her sister’s husband and son, probably some friends from down south Arkansas,” said Phillips.

When it comes to protesters against executions, he respects their wishes and he expects the same.

“Anybody that doesn't want to watch it or is against it, that's fine and dandy with me, but until they have been in our situation they have no idea," he said. "They can protest all they want, whatever they want to do, that's their business.”

Phillips said this is the law and the state needs to follow through.

“If they don't want to carry out with this execution then turn him out in the street and see how long he last,” Phillips said.

Being a witness is something he said he won't change his mind on. He wants Jack Jones to suffer just like his wife did.

“This is something I have to do, my family has to do, and especially me,” he said.

Phillips also said he's tired of paying taxes to keep death row inmates in prison, money he said could be used towards better things for the state.