DARDANELLE, Ark. — The Dardanelle Mayor is thanking the community after dozens showed up to help out with the potential for water to flood the town.

Mayor Jimmy Witt was worried a Smiley Bayou would end up flooding dozens of homes last week.

"We prepared for the worst. Told everybody we're going to prepare the right way and hope for the best,” he said.

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Homes and businesses in Dardanelle are still packed with sandbags. Dozens of people showed up last week to help prepare for what could have been devastating flooding. Flood waters stalled about 300 yards from the edge of town on Highway 247. Mayor Jimmy Witt said it is a miracle it didn't make its way into Dardanelle.

"It's kind of equalized. The water level with the breach and levee, it's not running into the bottoms as hard,” Mayor Witt said.

But that water flooded farms and homes in Yell County when the levee breached last week near Holla Bend. He said they have been hit the hardest.

"There are plenty of people still displaced in the county and I know the judge is working hard to get that taken care of,” Mayor Witt said. "They're taking supplies in by point, medical needs are done by boat."

Mayor Witt said the damage has been reported on the river bank north of town. He said waves on the river became treacherous at some points.

"I'm not sure how many homes yet, but I know one where it's taken bricks off the house,” Mayor Witt said.

He said this flood event is a learning lesson for everyone.

"We are definitely going to be making some changes. This has been able to highlight some areas we need to fix and work on, so we're going to do a better job moving forward being prepared for might happen with this river,” he said.

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But Mayor Witt said it was amazing to see Dardanelle come together to help each other out.

"This entire town has turned out and worked hard and not just inside the city but all around this whole area. I'm very proud of them and we're going to be stronger because of this,” he said.

Mayor Witt wants to tell homeowners to keep the sandbags outside your homes until Friday when the potential rain passes.