LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — A little boy in the fourth grade has a little sister who’s a genius. When the family is notified that the little sister is smart enough to join her brother in the fourth grade, skipping the third altogether, the older brother is mortified. This is the starting point for the book “The Lemonade War.”

Today, Baker Elementary passed out a copy of that book to every student. The goal is to improve the kids’ financial literacy, but the byproduct of this book is understanding children amid the stress of a family drama.

Baker staged a special kickoff complete with a decorated library, lemon-flavored cupcakes and special THV11 readers. In the morning, Craig O’Neill, with an assist from Abby Kerby of the Children’s Library read to fourth graders. In the afternoon, Rob Evans read the first chapter to third-graders.

Author Jacqueline Davies has written a real page-turner. When the kids were asked if they wanted to read more, every hand immediately shot up. Score another gain as we spread the word about the joy of reading.