BAUXITE, Ark. — A Bauxite teacher has proved to his students why cell phones are banned in his classroom, and the outcome is shocking.

Bauxite History teacher, Nick Finley put those nagging teen-questions to rest. 

"Why can’t we keep our phones at our desks?”

He did his own classroom experiment. 

“Here, at Bauxite, it’s a part of our student handbook,” said Finley, speaking about the no cellphone policy.“ In class they make us turn off our phones and put them up,” said one of his students. 

Finley conducted his own experiment in each class. Students were asked to set their phones by their desk, every time they heard an alert a tally was added to a board.

In his 5th-period advisory class on Thursday, March 14, Finley calculated a total of 267 alerts from various apps on his students’ phones in a 25-minute class period.

"They were amazed by the results,” he said. “Some of them even in disbelief of how many times that would happen.”

After completing the experiment, Finley believes his students have finally caught on.

For every alert comes a distraction, taking away from their learning.

"I want our kids to be able to take away something from their class period and use it for their future,” he said. 

For some public schools, cell phones are encouraged in class. Students use them as learning tools. 

But Finley said he's gotten a lot of great feedback from other teachers and parents on why Bauxite chooses to separate students from their phones in class. 

He said it all comes down to this, "Every time a student gets distracted by their phone in class, they lose new knowledge."