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Meet the students behind Cabot High School Television's game nights

Friday nights mean football and while all eyes are usually on the student players, we show you some students on the other side of the action.

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — The pandemic has cut down on crowds at high school football games, but the guys at Channel 3 make you feel like you're there in person.

They are all seniors at Cabot High School: Tristan Harlen, Evan Crow, Tristan Bates, Cooper Melder, and Jack Starnes.

Whether it's on the road or at home, they are the voices and tech behind every game.

"I fell in love with it and ever since then, this has been a career goal of mine and we push forward to make it the best we can," said Channel 3's Play-By-Play Commentator Tristan Harlen.

They all got involved when they took Cabot's broadcasting class, taught by Chuck Massey. He began Cabot High School Television in 2005. 

He's seen a lot of students come through his classroom and he's seen a lot of talented kids. These group of guys are no different. He sees excellence in them.

"These guys are really special. They get along great. They are like brothers sometimes, they even fight like brothers sometimes. But in the end, they come together and produce a great product," said Massey.

The broadcasts have brought thousands of views from all over. 

"I get to see all the comments that come through our YouTube channel, and seeing what the community has to say about our program is phenomenal," said Channel 3's Technical Director Evan Crow.

But what makes this group even more spectacular is the energy and fun they bring to the games. It's easy to hear how much they enjoy working for Channel 3.

"You know, the memories we will make together, even if I didn't get the hype and all that, would be enough for me because it's just a good time," said Cabot High School Television's Videographer/Photographer Jack Starnes.