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Cabot siblings start school tutoring business amid COVID-19

One group of siblings in Cabot used their down time to start their own family tutoring business helping kids across central Arkansas navigate school.

CABOT, Ark. — While COVID-19 quarantines left many young people bored and restless, it also inspired some to dream big. One group of siblings in Cabot used their down time to start their own family tutoring business helping kids across central Arkansas navigate school in uncertain times..

Hannah, Harrison, and Hudson Merrick are smart, hardworking siblings who launched their successful tutoring business over the summer. While they were excited to try it out, they were certain it would be a flop.

“When I posted the first ad, I told my brothers there was a high chance no one would respond,” said Hannah.

 Turns out, their idea was a winner. They quickly learned families desperately needed this type of help.

“It was mainly moms reaching out saying they felt like this last semester was detrimental to their child, so they wanted help once or twice a week,” said Hannah. “They felt it would make a huge difference going into this new school year.”

With the demand, the Merrick’s had to get to work. They each helped different age groups with their unique skills.

For Harrison, a high school senior, he specialized in college prep.

“I have a 34 on my ACT and a 1450 on my PSAT which was highest score of my graduating class, so I mainly do test prep,” said Harrison.

Hudson, the 7th grader, focused on core K-6 skills.

“I mainly do reading and writing and literature stuff with my clients,” said Hudson.

Hannah, a college senior, and future educator helped with a mix of it all.

“It was really helpful because I want to work with kids in my career and so it was affirming and it felt very fulfilling for me,” said Hannah.

Their tutoring over the summer was so successful, they decided to continue this fall.

“It got a lot more attention than we thought it would and we were all very shocked by that,” said Hannah.

The Merrick’s are taking on a lot as all three head back to in person classes this fall, as well.

“We are going to be busy, but we are all hard workers and if we work our hardest, I bet we can do it,” said Hudson.

They’re taking on a lot, but they have learned a lot. They each offered advice for students this upcoming year.

Harrison said students should focus on time management.

“It’s so important especially when you are learning from home or spending a lot of time at home,” he said.

For Hannah, she said students need to remember the importance of self-care.

“Don't overfill your plate,” she said. “Take the time to take care of yourself and get your work done.”

Finally, Hudson the seventh grader, offered wise words on balancing life.

“It sounds cheesy but if you work hard, have time management skills, and know how to balance your workload, anyone can do what we’re doing," he said.

To learn more about Merrick Tutoring Services, you can email them at merricktutoringservices@gmail.com.