CONWAY, Ark. — The sound of music is easy to hear Friday nights at high schools, but it's also easy to misplace those instruments.

"Sometimes students move away and they inadvertently have the instrument in their home and take it with them," said Robin Ratliff, Ruth Doyle Middle School's head band director.

Five years ago, a euphonium horn was counted out, but thanks to a watchful eye and a helping hand, it's back where it belongs.

"We think that's what may have happened here, because it came from Jonesboro," said Ratliff. "We think they were attending ASU and they graduated. It was in a closet somewhere and it was donated to Goodwill."

The band director received an unexpected e-mail asking if a euphonium listed on a Goodwill online sale was his. 

"We looked and there was a 'Conway' painted on the case and, of course, the serial number matched our inventory," said Ratliff.

The instrument was then returned to the school district, making for a happy ending. 

"Being able to give that back to them enables them to possibly touch the life of a child who can experience music," said Goodwill of Arkansas's Kerri Nettles.

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