LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — With summer break just days away for most school districts, parents are busy looking for alternative child care options.

However, child care can be costly especially for families with more than one kid, that’s why the City of Little Rock’s Parks and Recreation Department is offering an eight-week summer playground program that gives children a safe environment where they can play and socialize.

“It gives them a safe environment to be healthy and have some activity,” said Cedric Mayfield, the Assistant Recreations Programs Coordinator for the City of Little Rock.

Mayfield said the program is open to kids between the ages of six and 15, offering different activities for the various age groups.

“We have board games, they get to play basketball, they get to go skating, swimming if they have to,” Mayfield said.

Mayfield says, the best part about the program is its low cost compared to other summer camps.

“The cost of registration for the 8-week program is $100 for the first participant ant $50 for each additional participant living in the same household,” Mayfield said.

Parents can register their children on the Parks and Recreation Department’s website.

Another organization offering some summer relief for parents is F.E.E.D. 1st U.S.A. The group is also offering a summer camp that keeps kids active while they’re away from school.

“We’re going to take them out and expose them to new experiences, we’ll be gardening and of course teaching the children about fresh food,” Antoinette Racy, the F.E.E.D. 1ST U.S.A. Operations Manager said.

Racy said, like the city’s summer program, this is also an affordable option with a onetime $50 registration fee.

“We do still have slots available and we will be taking applications until slots are filled,” Racy said.

There are only 20 spots left to fill. To apply to the program, parents must visit the main office at 6124 Baseline Rd.

You can also find more information on the organization's website, here.

Mayfield said aside from affordable child care, both programs will also give kids an opportunity to make life long memories and friends.

“They get to interact with other kids throughout the city so maybe a kid that they’re not used to seeing at school or in their particular neighborhood,” Mayfield said.