SHERWOOD, Ark. — Entertainment district after entertainment district keeps popping up in Arkansas! Little Rock, El Dorado, Mountain Home and now Sherwood. 

Colleen Carr, the city's director for economic development said it's in the early stages. 

Last week at Sherwood's City Council meeting the board unanimously voted to start the process. 

Carr said they are laying down the boundaries now and are hopeful it creates a new identity for the city. 

"Sherwood's a bedroom community and I believe when you begin that type of community it's a little hard to go backward and really identify who you are but this gives us a chance to do that," she said. 

Carr said this will be a new beginning for the town settled between North Little Rock and Jacksonville. 

"We really believe this will give us some identity, a place to call home," she said. 

The boundaries will start at the city's Public Works facility, then extend west to Gadwall's Grill, then north to Joey's Bar and Grill and east at Fred Raines Drive. 

Three established restaurants lie within these streets— Joey's Bar and Grill, Rocky's and Gadwall's Grill. 

Gadwall's Grill owner Shea Bryant said she is excited for what's to come.

"I think it will draw attention to this area, it will bring more people to this area so it will be good for us," she said. 

Bryant said something she has been hearing a lot from her customers is their apprehensiveness towards this busy intersection of Country Club and North Hills Blvd.

"I think it will be interesting. We will see how it all works in this area with traffic and roads," she said. 

Carr said they are currently working on improvements in that area to make it easier for people to cross the street and those will be put in place before the entertainment district appears.

This way everyone can enjoy the new beginnings coming Sherwood's way.

"The growth and the nature of Sherwood being a bedroom community kind of created this, but the people here love it. So we just kind of want to give them something to do," she said. 

Carr said they want to make it like Little Rock's with the cups and wristbands to make it easy to identify. They are hoping they can put on festivals, concerts and more for families to enjoy. 

Right now there isn't a set date for the opening of the entertainment district, but they are hoping in October they will be able to kick things off!