Flag and Banner, based out of Little Rock, will no longer sell the Confederate Battle flag. 

In a blog post, Owner Kerry McCoy discusses why her thoughts have changed about the controversial flag. 

In 2015, when the South Carolina church shooting occurred McCoy said, "no censorship in the flag business," but has since changed her opinion. 

McCoy said in 2015, "It's not the flag that killed those innocent people, and maybe it's a bigger issue and we're not focusing on what the bigger issue is." Flag and Banner saw an increase in sales during that period, many historical groups were purchasing the flag to preserve the symbol or use it in historical productions. 

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McCoy wrote on her blog, "Those servicemen may have fought and died for decisions made in error but their duty and honor was never in doubt. I want to believe our nation is more educated and wiser than some of our ancestors and that, through remembrance of their sacrifices and mistakes, we will learn as a nation." 

Flag and Banner will stop selling the flag on Saturday, June 15, in celebration of Juneteenth. 

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