Governor Hutchinson announced a new text alert system today (May 8), that provides timely COVID-19 alerts and other critical guidance directly from the Arkansas Division Emergency Management to Arkansas residents.

Arkansans can register to the system today by simply texting 'COVID19ARK' to 67283.

“This is a free service from the Division of Emergency Management and RAVE Mobile Safety that will enable Arkansans to receive COVID-19 alerts and other guidance,” said Governor Hutchinson.“ Participation in Smart911 will provide first responders  additional information they need to ensure your safety and wellbeing.”

Residents who opt-in for alerts will also be receiving instructions to sign up for Smart911. Smart911 is a service that provides personal information to first responders when calling 9-1-1.

The service is completely free. This safety profile will inform first responders of any pre-existing conditions and quarantine status. The profile can be created through or through the smart911 app.