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'He wanted to send a message of hate and scare people': Dallas Latino community reacts to El Paso shooting

Some Latinos say they feel they are under attack

DALLAS — A day after a shooter opened fire in an El Paso Walmart and killed 20 people and injured more than 24 others, many Dallas Latinos say they feel troubled and disgusted at the attack and what many are saying about the shooter's motives.

Minutes before the shooting, the authorities say the suspected shooter may have posted an anti-immigration manifesto. The shooting is now being investigated as a domestic terrorism case, according to a Justice Department official.

On Jefferson Avenue in Oak Cliff Sunday, many of the Latinos we talked to were on edge, but were trying to rise above the hate they are feeling.

Priscilla Garcia said she tries hard to drown out the hate.

"I'm trying to ignore all the negative stuff."

But she knows it's all around her.

"[The El Paso shooter] is just full of hate,” Garcia said.

Other Latinos said they are troubled and disgusted by what happened in El Paso.

"He wanted to send a message of hate and scare people,” the League of United Latin American Citizens' Rene Martinez said.

Martinez said he places the blame of what happened in El Paso at the feet of President Donald Trump.

"Everything that is coming out of the White House all the hate, all the racist remarks by the President is creating this climate,” Martinez said.

Still other Latinos said they feel like their community is under attack.

"I don't know whether I will go out of the house without some white nationalist coming out and attacking me. That's how I feel,” Carlos Martinez said.

Odalis Gamino said she is concerned all Latinos are being labeled as criminals and as people up to no good.

“We are all just here to find better opportunities to work. We don't have to be labeled. You can't label one person for everybody,” Gamino said.

Garcia said she won't let hate or fear win out.

“We need to raise our kids to be better no matter what color they are,” Garcia said.

She hopes that love will win out over hate.

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