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Multiple kids say they are 'scared' to head back to school amid pandemic

We've heard COVID-19 concerns from parents, teachers, and health care professionals... but what about the smaller voices?

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — We've heard from parents, teachers, and health care professionals, but the little voices we haven't heard from are the kids ahead of the unusual school year.

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Layton Burns is going into the first grade and is a little overwhelmed to head back to school during a pandemic.

"I want to go back to school without a mask,” said Burns.

He is worried about having to wear a mask all day because they are hot and uncomfortable and that is scary to him.

Alivia Warren is going to be a third grader. Her worries are a little different.

She worries about the virus spreading.

"I’m nervous,” said Warren. “I’m scared because I don’t want to catch it.”

Warren has practiced social distancing this summer and other ways to avoid the virus and hopes to encourage her friends at school to do the same.

"Always keep your mask on and wash your hands,” said Warren.

Ellie Mullins is a little less scared of the virus. She's eager to start school, but she is concerned about recess, and how the new rules will limit the amount of kids outdoors.

"I might not get to play with my friends. I might get left with the boys, and you know how boring that is,” said Mullins.

Lauren Burns, Layton’s sister, is a bit older. She’s in middle school.

She's concerned about choir class and just hopes that it doesn't somehow end up getting canceled.

"They told us we have to wear a mask in choir and that's going to be hard when we sing,” said Burns.

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