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City of Little Rock offering incentives to receive COVID-19 vaccine

Arkansans coming for their first dose of the vaccine will get a $50 Visa gift card from the city, while those coming for the second dose will receive a $100 card.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — City leaders in Little Rock are continuing their push to increase vaccination numbers in Pulaski County. 

They are offering an incentive that could be useful as we head into the holiday season.

They say gifts come in all sizes and for Dr. Dionne Jackson, Chief Equity Officer for the City of Little Rock, she's a firm believer in that. 

"Definitely the holiday season is the time of giving. And we see that desire to give," Jackson said. 

Her hope is that the gift of money will be enough to get Arkansans out of the house and in line for the best line of of defense of COVID-19.

"One of the things that we're seeing as a city is that it has been a motivational tool for those who are coming," Jackson said.

She said the $700,000 of the American Rescue Plan that the city received from the federal government is designated just for vaccine clinics.

"We will continue to work to utilize those funds. And as we do, we will continue to schedule vaccine clinics," Jackson said.

Arkansans coming for their first dose of the vaccine will get a $50 Visa gift card from the City of Little Rock.

People coming for the second dose of the vaccine will get $100.

People who are looking to get their booster shots can receive one, but will not qualify for the incentive since the money is only allocated for first and second doses.

With Christmas just three weeks away, Jackson believes this could be useful for those who need a little extra cash this holiday season.

"It is a perfect opportunity for those who have needs to have those needs met, while others they have the opportunity to think about, 'can I do something extra like buy a holiday present for my students and my kids,'" Jackson said.

Saturday's vaccine clinic is not just for adults.

Since the Centers for Disease Control said 5-11 year-olds can receive a vaccine, Jackson hopes to see more parents and children in line, so they can safely gather for Christmas this year. 

"We have seen that we have seen parents who have wanted to get their kids vaccinated at one of our past clinics, but we did not have a pediatric dose. So we're expecting many more students, elementary age students coming out to get the vaccine," Jackson said.

This vaccine clinic will happen on Saturday, Dec. 4 at the West Central Community Center on 4521 John Barrow Road.

The clinic will be from 1:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m.