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'I have so much anxiety' | Parents express fear over sending kids back to school amid coronavirus pandemic

One parent, who is also a teacher, is making other arrangements before heading back to the classroom... she's drafting her will.

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — What is usually a happy and exciting time for parents, students, and teachers is a different story this year.

When parents and teachers were asked about their feelings on school reopening, most of the responses were: scared, angry, frustrated, terrified, and a roller coaster of emotions.

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One mom from northeast Arkansas is not ready for the possible outcomes.

"I've had so much anxiety about this and I've cried over it," said the northeast Arkansas mom, who wanted to remain anonymous.

She's also a teacher. She says she's making other arrangements before heading back to the classroom -- she's drafting her will.

"I do have blood pressure issues and I know that's one of the conditions that can be affected by COVID," she said.

When asked if she felt the school was prepared to start back next week, she said no. She explained it wasn't the school district's fault, but she felt the state government is leaving schools in an "impossible place."

She said the school has been focused so much on preparing for virtual learning for students, there has been a lag in getting in-class instruction taken care of.

Some students still don't have teachers assigned to them yet.

A Little Rock mom, Chelsea Hudspeth, said she is very anxious about starting school.

Her family is doing virtual learning while also in a learning pod, and Hudspeth is making sure her children have enough supplies.

"We've gotten our own packets of school supplies, notebooks, and those kind of things, so I think we may be overly prepared," said Hudspeth.

Carol, a mom from northwest Arkansas, is making sure her kids are prepared emotionally.

"Especially my 13-year-old, I've been trying to explain, 'Hey, this is not going to be a normal school year,'" said Carol.

Her concerns for her children have never been greater.

"I have more anxiety about what this school year will look like for them and those around them," said Carol.

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But, there is unity in these times of uncertainty.

"I want these teachers and school administrators to know there are so many more parents that stand with them than not," said Carol.

"Remember to be kind and gracious with each other," said Hudspeth.