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Social Distancing: The importance of the '6 feet rule'

A local doctor said it's time to take 'social distancing' more seriously. Don't stand close to each other, limit going out, and stop going to crowded areas.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — We keep hearing this phrase "social distancing."

We've heard it from the President, health officials, and even our own city leaders. 

So, why do we need to listen more closely to this suggested way of living?

Dr. Joe Thompson, President and CEO of Arkansas Center for Health Improvement, said this idea of social distancing is important to practice now more than ever.

"That's what we are trying to do. Make this forest fire burn slower," he said. 

It's a disease that leaders around the country are trying to get a hold of and Dr. Thompson said these leaders need your help in stopping the spread. 

"COVID-19 is a new virus that none of our bodies have seen before; therefore, we have no immunity," he said. 

This absence of protection is why Thompson said the idea of taking a step back from our normal routine shouldn't be taken lightly. 

"Social distancing is trying to put distance between you and a potentially infected person to break the infectious cycle," he said. 

Basically, it all comes down to the "six feet rule." 

Thompson said don't stand so close to others, limit going to bars and restaurants if it's not necessary, and stop going to places where you know there will be crowds.

"Asking yourself, 'Is it really worth the risk of me going to this place for the benefit that I'm going to have,'" he said. 

Thompson said it's all about this risk-benefit decision. 

It's a decision that health officials are calling on the socially-active millennials to really think about. 

"You want to protect your grandmother, your mother, your neighbor who may have a risk, and it means maybe not going out and being as historically active as you have been or want to be," he said. 

Dr. Thompson said there's not an end date yet of when people should stop practicing social distancing, but he just wants to remind the public to remember those risks when you go out and about, and to limit unnecessary travel as much as possible. 

He also said to pay attention to the information the health department and Center for Diseases Control is putting out because the spread of this virus is going to continue to change. 

Practicing the 6 feet apart rule during my interview today with Dr. Joe Thompson at Arkansas Center for Health Improvement! Tune into THV11 at 5 and 6 tonight to hear why this idea of practicing...

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