Heavy rain across central Arkansas is causing mosquitoes to come out of the woodwork.

It's something we can all agree on—mosquitoes are an unfortunate reality of living in Arkansas.

"Mosquitos require water to lay their eggs and to have their eggs hatch,” Dr. John Hopkins said.

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Dr. John Hopkins is an entomologist with the University of Arkansas Department of Agriculture. He said he is not expecting a worse mosquito season than usual, but all this rain is causing them to breed more quickly.

"Every time it stops raining the next day it’s raining again. Everything that could be full of water is full of water and probably breeding mosquitos,” he said.

Hopkins said to check your yard for places where water could be backed up like in gutters or flower pots. He said water that stands for 5-7 days is a place where mosquitos are likely breeding.

"If you're dumping it on a regular basis, putting new water in there like a birdbath, you'll probably be okay,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins said that if you already have a problem with mosquitos, you can spray your yard to diminish the problem.

"They can utilize various insecticidal sprays to spray shrubbery, low hanging foliage, things the perimeter of their yard,” he said.

He also said to make sure you are loaded up on insect repellant that includes DEET to prevent bites.

RELATED: Heavy rainfall brings full waterfalls to Arkansas

"If you're going to be out for an extended period of time, long sleeves are always helpful. Long pants. If you're going to wear short sleeves and shirts and no insect repellant, you're just an invitation for a meal,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins also said repellants containing lemon and eucalyptus oils are also effective at keeping mosquitoes at bay.