LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — Temperatures will remain below freezing over the next few days and that means you need to take extra care of your body.

Constant below freezing temperatures can take a toll on your skin according to Lisa Henderson, owner of vitality day spa. So she has some tips to help you revitalize and replenish.

Henderson said you need to avoid harsh washing.

“The first thing is to avoid hot water when you're washing or bathing,” she said.

Also when it comes to cleaning, she said to use a cream-based cleanser and make sure you're using facial scrubs often to remove dead flaky skin cells.

“You need to make sure we are hydrating with really good moisturizers like shea butter and collagen cream based creams,” she said.

She said to stay away from products that contain alcohol, instead go for things with natural oils.

“Safflower oil, olive oil and jojoba are great for the skin,” she said

Now that we've covered winter skin health let's talk about how to properly dress in winter weather, first off, you need three layers.

The first layer is your base layer, it manages moisture. So it needs to be a synthetic material. Your second layer is your insulation layer. It needs to be made of fleece or natural fibers. Your third layer is your shell layer. This layer needs to be able to protect you from the weather.

The CDC also urges people that if you have to go outside, make sure body parts most affected by frostbite. Nose, ears, toes, cheeks, chin and fingers should be covered.

Henderson’s last tip for keeping your skin healthy in the winter is to see an esthetician every 6-8 weeks.

“Sixty percent of your skincare is going to be what you do at home and 40 percent is going to be what we do in the spa treatment rooms,” she said.

Also, when it comes to your socks, avoid cotton. Cotton absorbs moisture, then freezes, so dress in wool socks instead.