At any moment, in the blink of an eye, a tragedy could occur. Would you be prepared to help in a time of need? Little Rock’s Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services, MEMS, is offering a way to equip all of us to be CPR trained and ready this holiday season.

When going about daily life, we rarely realize that in a matter of seconds we could be a hero for someone just by knowing CPR. According to Mack Hutchinson, Quality Manger for MEMS, MEMS works about 2 cardiac arrests a day in their service areas. As quick as fire departments and ambulances are, the first four to six minutes of a medical emergency are vital. Simply waiting for someone else to help could be deadly.

“That delay could be the difference in if that patient can walk out of the hospital and return to a normal life or not,” said Hutchinson.

That’s why MEMS is working to train as many people as possible in “Friends and Family CPR” courses by the American Heart Association.

“It’s really a laid back course and you won’t be tested or get a health care card,” said Hutchinson. “But you get a two hour course with the basics of what you need to know and do until help arrives.”

MEMS says the training is especially crucial during the holiday season.

“During the holidays there’s more people out and about and more of a concentration of people,” said Hutchinson.

The class is available free for groups, organizations, and even workplaces. It’s a class staff at THV11 took advantage of.

“I’ve got two kids at home and I know the scary part of kids choking on broccoli but if something else were to happen heart wise, so this class makes a good refresher,” said Rob Evans, THV11 Morning Anchor.

For THV11 Morning Anchor, Laura Monteverdi, she recently was a bystander in a situation where CPR was needed, She wanted to take the class to be better prepared if something like that were to happen near her again.

“You never know when you'll be in a situation like this so it’s good that we have this experience and know what to do in an emergency situation,” said Monteverdi.

If you are interested in taking the CPR class or having your group participate, call (501) 301-1400 and ask for Community Outreach Friends and Family CPR. They also offer Stop the Bleed tourniquet training as well. All classes are free of charge.