TAMPA, Fla. (WTSP) – As modern technology continues to advance faster than ever, concerns have risen as well about how all this technology is affecting our mental health. Research has shown that hours of using digital technology can take a toll on our brains, affecting everything from our sleep to our mood to our ability to concentrate.

“What I’ve noticed is that a lot of it is kind of the same properties as addiction,” said Angie Speller, a licensed mental health counselor in Tampa.

She said Gaming Disorder and other digital addictions are exactly the same as any other addictive behavior. What's different, she said, is that technology is so pervasive it's almost impossible to get away from.

“That could be fishing, shopping, gambling obviously, and now that we have, with technological advances, our social media's, our phones and the computers we hold in our pockets and even on our watches,” she added.

“[Technology] has advanced really quickly. It’s really something completely different,” said Chris Stauffer, owner of Vault-Tec Virtual Arena, a virtual reality video arcade in Tampa.

Stauffer says our brains have become so used to evolving technology that we are now ready for the added stress it can put on our mental health.

“I think we’re so used to things going so fast, it still blows people away, but at the rapid pace that it’s going I still think people are prepared for it,” he said.

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