JACKSONVILLE, Ark. (KTHV) — Imagine being in unbearable pain for years, with no idea of what's happening to you, that's the reality for one Jacksonville woman, who said she can't find a doctor who can diagnose her mysterious symptoms.

Nancy Davis has been suffering with an unknown illness for the past seven years.

“It feels like an ongoing contraction, that's what the minor pain is and when it flares up and I have the spasm, that's when I get an acid feeling in my stomach,” she said.

She said the spasm feels like burning acid is being poured into her body.

“I have blood in my stool, I keep a low grade fever, it makes me really weak and tired, and takes away my appetite. I am forever nauseous,” she said.

Her last episode was two days ago.

“My body got really hot from the inside out, it felt like fever from the inside out and I was cold to the normal room temperature but my body was burning up in the inside. The only way to cool me down was to put ice packs all over me,” Davis said.

She said this sickness is stealing her life and taking away from her kids.

“This year alone I've probably only worked a whole two months,” she said.

She's undergone several major surgeries to try to find answers, including a hysterectomy, gallbladder removal and four hernia repairs.

“She's been to about 10 doctors total, we've gone to just about every hospital here except for one,” she said.

Davis's mom, Patricia Hill, said they get the same response from every doctor.

“We've done everything that we can do and there's nothing else that we can do for you,” she said.

Hill said this isn't the first time she's seen this sickness.

“When Nancy was a baby my mother had the same symptoms and the same acid burning in her stomach,” Hill said.

Hill said her mother passed two years after the illness hit.

She said her mother's autopsy shows the scary similarities to her daughters illness.

“Just reading through, just the similarities that I have come across, I had to stop reading because it scared me,” she said.

Davis has a ten year old daughter and a six-year-old son, she said she doesn't want them to have to grow up without a mom.

“I've prepared things and set things up to prepare to die — I've made my funeral arrangements,” she cried.

Davis said she hopes someone hears her story and saves her life.

“My desire is for this to fall on someone’s ears that has either experienced this and knows the proper people and direction to send me to, or a doctor that knows how to help me,” she pleaded.

If you know anyone that may have some answers, or be able to help Davis, you can contact her by email.