Arkansas first responders have saved 234 lives using the overdose treatment Narcan.

But now, with the launch of the new app “Narcansas,” the Criminal Justice Institute hopes more lives can be saved with the help of the general public.

“I went from Roxy, Heroin and then eventually meth,” recovering drug addict Holly Taylor said.

Taylor is a recovering addict just short of two years. Now, her life mission is to help others get away from drug abuse.

"There's nothing good about someone dying, but, you know, it's like that's just become reality,” said Taylor. With an epidemic so big, she keeps Narcan tucked away in her car.

“You just never know where it’s going to happen now,” said Taylor. “There’s constantly someone overdosing.”

The opioid epidemic is a problem the CJI continues to combat.

"What we realized is that we're focused primarily on first responders,” Director of CJI Cheryl May said.

CJI has most recently turned their attention on the general public to help fight against overdose deaths.

The app "Narcansas" provides a number of resources for the average every day citizen.

“There's a step-by-step on how to rescue somebody using Naloxone. Also, there’s resources for treatment,” said May.

Taylor said the strength of drugs circulating around our streets are becoming more deadly, making it more important to carry and know how to administer Narcan.

"I don't think people understand how big this is getting,” Taylor said. “As soon as they take that hit or as soon as they shoot up, it’s an instant overdose.”

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"For everyone to have access to resources like this, it's hopefully going to save more lives in our state,” said May.

The Narcansas app is available for download on Google Android and in the Apple App Store.

This story has been edited to update Arkansans on where can download the app.