A Little Rock-based program is on a mission to reduce the number of drug overdose deaths in central Arkansas. “The Central Arkansas Harm Reduction Project” provides free naloxone and other resources to anyone who calls the hotline. 

"I think that just on the basis people are dying, and naloxone is something that can prevent those deaths, it should be free,” Clay Casper said. 

Casper is a firm believer that naloxone should be easily accessible.

"We had some deaths in the community and me and a few people got together and we really wanted to find a way to get people this life saving resource for free,” she said. 

So exactly one year ago, she launched the project out of a friend’s home to get the lifesaving drug in more people’s hands. 

"We are a hotline based service that provides free naloxone,” Casper said. "As well as fentanyl test strips and other resources to help people stay safe if they are using drugs. As well as having sex, so we supply condoms to people as well." 

She said the goal of this program is to save the people she cares about. The anonymous service provided over 400 doses of naloxone last year, with at least five saved lives. She said each person is given two doses of naloxone. 

“Sometimes if someone is experiencing an extreme enough overdose, they might need more than one dose to be revived,” Casper said. 

The program is completely funded by donations, including money made from selling artwork. 

"This is just art by lots of artists who really care about the cause and wanted to materially support us. 100 percent of the money spent on this art will go directly to our program,” Casper said. 

Casper says she anyone who calls the hotline will be put in touch with her. She then sets up a meeting plan to provide them with the naloxone for free. 

“It's perfectly legal. Whenever I meet up with someone I give them a brief 5 minute training on how to use it,” Casper said. 

She said the hotline is a no judgement zone, in hopes she can save more lives this year. 

"It's grown a lot more than we expected and we're really happy to be where we are right now,” Casper said. 

If you would like to get in touch with Casper, the hotline is (501) 438-9158. If you would like to make a donation, you can email her at arkansasharmreduction@gmail.com.