LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Two young pharmacists in Arkansas are stepping out from behind the counter and taking to the mic to educate their colleagues and the public on issues they encounter every day in their field. 

“We want it to be for doctors, nurses, dentists and really we try to keep our topics relevant to the time of year. During flu season we will talk about different flu products and during school season we talk about how to treat lice, just things like that keep everyone involved,” said Jett Jones, a pharmacist at Cornerstone Pharmacy. 

Jett Jones and Matt Garner are the voices behind The HogPharm, an educational podcast they created in 2018. Recently, they’ve had several guests on the show to discuss the opioid epidemic that is plaguing our country, including Arkansas. 

“It is important because it affects the patients, it affects the families of those patients, it affects everyone involved,” said Jones.  

This week, Jones and Garner invited THV11 Morning Anchor Laura Monteverdi on the HogPharm to share her personal experience with addiction and how THV11 is working to Save a Generation.

“The thing that Matt and I have enjoyed the most out of this is that we learn something new every time we do a different episode. Just tons of people and relationships we have made because of this podcast that have made it totally worth it,” said Jones. 

As far as the opioid epidemic, both Jones and Garner agree it is an important and timely topic that needs more attention. 

 “I think that is a message we really want to get out there.  It could affect all of us,” said Jones.

For all episodes of The HogPharm, visit their website. You can also listen on iTunes or Spotify.