LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The Deterra Drug Activation System is a small pouch with a unique claim. It says it can neutralize medicinal pills, patches, and liquids in a safe and effective way.

The director of the Arkansas Poison and Drug Information Center, Dr. Howell Foster, said it's considered reasonable for environmental safety.

"It is a very micronized form of charcoal, so the charcoal binds most drugs. It's very safe," says Dr. Foster. "We actually give activated charcoal orally to people to bind medicines in their stomach whenever they overdose."

To use the bag, you open it, pour your unwanted medicine in it, and fill it with water. Then, the bag says you can just seal it and throw it away.

However, Dr. Foster said he recommends another way to get rid or your medications.

"The drug take back days, to me, is probably better because it's free. It just costs you to get there," said Dr. Foster. "And, the fact that those are most likely incinerated, so they're completely destroyed. Nothing goes in the landfill at that point in time."

While drug take back events are scheduled throughout the year, you can drop off unwanted medication at any time at police departments across the state.

If you want to try the Deterra bag, you can get it online.

If you want to drop off your unwanted pills, click here.

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