MAUMELLE, Ark. — As the number of flu cases grow, the Pulaski County Special School District has gone to great heights to tackle the virus hovering over school grounds.

The distract launched a new cleaning system Friday.

“Some schools had zero cases of the flu; some had cases up to 89,” said Jessica Duff, the district's spokesperson.

A cleaning crew masked and gloved-up to use the new Clorox 360 System, which takes only minutes to cover an entire classroom.  

It's a 360 degree electrostatic sprayer that's been proven to show reduction in bacteria to near zero.

From a 2019 experiment, an Oklahoma school used the sprayer for an entire year.

Areas cleaned were environmentally swabbed before and after application.  
Results showed a statically significant decrease in the total number of bacteria.

"You spray the top of an object, and it wraps its-self around the entire object,” said Karen Lemmer, a cleaning crew member. “We can spray football equipment, basketball equipment, things that are very hard to wipe down."

It's an investment the PCSSD found handy for more efficient and quicker cleaning, and believes it will play a part in reducing the number of absences when students return to school.

"We could have healthy, safe classes when the kids come back on Tuesday," said Duff.

Maumelle High School, Maumelle Middle School, and Robinson High School were all closed for cleaning Friday.  

The district said Maumelle High School was pre-selected for an ACT test site Saturday.  

Testing there will remain, despite the school's closure Friday.

"If you’re coming in to take the test and you've got the sniffles, please bring a pack of Kleenex and some anti-bacterial hand gel,” said Duff.

District administrators ask parents to wash your kids’ coats, backpacks, and any supplies they carry back and fourth to school.  

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