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Riders on the storm: On the front lines of Ohio's opioid epidemic

How first-responders have been hurled into Ohio's drug problem

Stephanie Metzger, Chris Cantergiani

Published: 11/2/2017 3:45:35 PM
Updated: 11:12 PM CDT November 2, 2017

America has a problem.

It’s killing all ages. It doesn’t care about gender. Money makes no difference.

Your demographics don’t matter to fentanyl. It’s not picky over the lives it claims, but it’s ending lives at an alarming pace.

Fentanyl has infiltrated communities across the U.S. and authorities are struggling to keep up with it. Drug users have been thrust into a daily gamble with their lives and many are in too deep to fight back.

As hospitals and first responders remain overwhelmed with overdose victims, the debate around naloxone also remains polarizing. How much Narcan, if at all, should be given to overdose victims? How many second chances should drug users receive? And how much does it cost to revive them?

America’s war on drugs leaps beyond its borders, well overseas to China, where the synthetic drug market is spawning deadly drug cocktails at an uncontrollable rate.

Fentanyl is pouring into the U.S. and it’s consuming citizens of all portions of the population – and the first responders fighting to save their lives.

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