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First responders talk safety for Memorial Day weekend

Arkansans are ready for Memorial Day weekend, but it can be a busy time for first responders. Those experts offered advice on how to stay safe during the holiday.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A lot of Arkansans kicked off their long Memorial Day weekend Friday evening.

But like any holiday, it can be a busy time for first responders.

"The holidays are always busy for us," said Mandrell Howell, a Little Rock Fire Department fire marshal.

Howell said he expects to respond to seven or eight calls on a typical day. However, that number nearly doubles on holidays.

"We always have incidents, people grilling under carports and garages, pits knocking down grills," Howell said.

According to John Woodward with MEMS in Little Rock, they experience the same increase in reports.

"There's going to be some increased traffic accidents just because people are on the move," Woodward said. "Of course, there's always the opportunity for a boating accident."

Whether someone is out on the lake or grilling with friends and family, both MEMS and the fire department recommend commonsense.

"We don't want you to grill in the garage or under the carport," Howell said. "We don't want you to set large bonfires or things understructure."

Anyone can download the American Red Cross app here, which gives instructions on what to do if help is delayed.


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