LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Starting Monday, July 8th, you can help make a difference in teachers' and students' school year by donating to Supplies for Success. 

The playground may be vacant and the doors may be locked, but the assembling begins now for the teachers.

They are putting together school supplies such as notebook paper, crayons, glue, scissors and everything else needed for their students to succeed. 

Lisa Byrum has worked at Baker Elementary for over 20 years and said without extra school supplies, everything in the classroom becomes more difficult— for both students and teachers.

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"We want them to feel like they are to do their best. And if they don't have everything they need, they can't do their best. So, we want them to have that confidence to be able to participate in their learning and take ownership there," she said.

Byrum said these supplies are vital for everyone in the classroom. 

"They're not going to be able to learn if they are worried about what they don't have that someone else has, so a teacher will right away either provide it from themselves if they have it," she said. 

Byrum said basic school supplies like a folder, notebook, pens, and pencils could cost about $15 per student. If you multiply that times how many kids are in a classroom, that's 300 dollars total out of teachers' personal pockets. 

Mollie Palmer, United Way Vice President of Communications and Engagement, said United Way approached the Little Rock, North Little Rock and Pulaski County Special School Districts to help them identify where they had the most need. 

"We want the teachers to have a place to go first. Where they can say we know we have school supplies here in our school that have been donated to us and are free," she said.

United Way, along with 25 businesses across Little Rock and North Little Rock are teaming up to collect supplies to serve 20 different schools across the county. 

Palmer said it is our duty as citizens to lend a hand to our schools.

"We exist on a public school system which means it is our job, I believe, as a community to be supportive of our public schools and our students as we possibly can be. This has impacts on every part of our community," Palmer said.

This fundraiser is a way for everyone to help our teachers, who are, in turn, helping shape our future. 

"I think everybody wants to see kids be successful. We recognize that kids are the future and we want to give them a strong foundation by giving them a good education," Byrum said. 

For a full list of drop off locations, supplies needed and what specific schools they are going to you can click here on the article below. 

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If you can't make it to any drop off donations, you can text SUPPLIES to 313131 to give your contribution.