TRENTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — The man who called 911 after finding a crashed, mangled car with two children still alive inside, and their mother no longer alive, was honored over the weekend by the children's daycare.

Jimmy Gagnon was driving north on I-95 when he and his co-worker spotted the car on its side off the road and covered by branches.

Jimmy Gagnon spotted Liza Parker's car, stopped and found her two children alive, trapped inside. 

While Gagnon was on the phone with first responders he said he heard a little boy cry out for help.

"He was so brave," Gagnon said. "He told me about his mother and said that his little sister was okay."

Gagnon found Liza Parker's car the day after she had an accident. A missing persons report had been filed when Parker and her two children did not show up for an appointment. Parker died in the accident and her two children were trapped in the car all night.

Liza Parker with her two children. Ctsy Parker's Family

"Who know's what would have happened if he didn't find them," one daycare employee said. "He truly is our hero."

Tiny Tikes daycare employees raised over $5,000 dollars for Gagnon.

"We never thought we would find him," daycare owner Betsey Grant said. "But we knew we had to do something for the person who saved our babies."

Since the accident, Gagnon says he hasn't stopped thinking about what he saw that afternoon.

"It's not something you forget," Gagnon said. "Once you see something like that, you know, if someone brings it up, I can hear it, I think about it."

Liza Parker with her 1-year-old daughter Tiana back in January was interviewed by NEWS CENTER for her involvement in Hills House, a treatment center for mothers. 

"The fact that he took the time and stayed with those children until the first responders could react, is above and beyond the call of anybody's duty," another daycare employee said.

Find out what Gagnon plans to do with the $5,000 dollars tonight on NEWS CENTER.