LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - The constitution may be taught in history classes, but some people in Little Rock felt many needed a "We the People" refresher.

Constitution Day is a federal holiday celebrated on Sept. 17.

On Saturday, Sept. 15, the Constitution Day Organization educated the public on why the document is so important as a picnic was held at MacArthur park.

“Our education system has failed to educate us on the constitution and what’s in the constitution and how important the constitution is” sadi organizer Dr. Jade Sierra said.

The America’s Cornerstone Celebration picnic wasn’t just about hot dogs and hamburgers. The goal was to educate the community, as a handful of speakers shared what exactly the U.S. Constitution is.

“People should know more than they did when they leave about the constitution and have a greater love,” said Sierra.

Speakers said it’s about learning how the document impacts lives.

Ryan Norris is the State Director of Americas Prosperity Foundation who was a sponsor of the event.

“To understand that the constitution is not just a historical document," said Norris, "but a is a document that is held to be so important throughout our history as a country because it is the document that does allow us to regress our grievances with our government, to maximize our freedom.”

Some feared people don’t know what exactly is in the constitution, so they are hoping to teach the community about why it is still as important as it was in 1787.

“If you don’t know what the constitution says anyone can tell you whatever they desire," said pastor Iverson Jackson, "and we hear a lot of talk about what’s constitutional, what’s unconstitutional. But if you’ve never read it you don’t know what it says you can stand for what you don’t know.”

Protecting the constitution is also important to Jackson.

“We have to continue to fight so we don’t lose what God has blessed us to,” Jackson said.