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How safe air quality can help stop the spread of COVID-19 in Arkansas

As businesses across central Arkansas begin to open up, extra precautions can be taken beyond just masks and social distancing.

BRYANT, Arkansas — Recent research suggests that air conditioning can circulate infectious droplets of COVID-19.

That recent study out of China showed how one customer with the virus spread the disease to nine others in the restaurant simply by airflow.

While businesses across central Arkansas begin to let more people in, extra precautions can be taken beyond just masks and social distancing. 

Drew McCurry, Operations Manager at Middleton Heat & Air, said recently they have been working with local businesses to implement technology to provide a safer indoor air quality. 

"We have always sold these products, but now they're more important than ever," he said. 

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As Arkansans get back to work and more businesses open their doors, McCurry said extra steps may need to be taken to ensure the air around them is as protected as possible.

"Right now, it's more important than ever for consumers and employees to feel safe in environments they're working in or dining in or just going to visit," he said. 

According to McCurry, there are several things businesses can do to make a positive impact on the air people breathe. 

"There is different products in the air purification realm. Two of the products that we utilize are the iWave and the REME Halo UV lights," he said. 

These advanced HVAC system add-ons help trap dust, allergens, bacteria and viruses. 

Recently, McCurry said orders have sky-rocketed. 

"I probably get 10 to 15 calls a day, just interested in information and pricing on these UV lights and air purification systems," he said. 

So how do they work?

The iWave purifier produces ions in the air-stream and then binds to each other to create clumps large enough to be filtered out. 

While McCurry said the REME Halo utilizes hydrogen peroxide to break down and destroy bacteria and viruses.

"There are different options and a lot of it depends on the application that you do have," he said. 

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According to McCurry, just having these products won't do the trick. They must be combined with fresh air and filtration to be successful.

"This will allow us to all get back to normal, feel safe, breathe safe air, not contract the virus back and forth between each other and just keep the safety measures high," he said. 

If you're a business owner and you are interested in one of these two systems, reach out to Middleton Heat & Air by phone at (501) 847-0371 or through their website

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