Whitmire, SC (WLTX) - A lot of residents in the Midlands are dealing with downed trees. The same goes for one Midlands couple, who made it out safely after a tree split their home in half.

"When I heard that tree hit that house, knowing there was two people in it," said neighbor DeWayne Goins, "it sounded like a bomb going off."

DeWayne Goins says he was watching TV when a tree slammed into his neighbors’ home.

"I went around the front and started hollering," Goins said. "A man answered me and crawled out through a small opening."

The man was safe, but his wife was trapped inside the back of the house.

"The house was completely cut through in the middle, couldn’t get through the house," Goins said.

Goins said they ran to the back and hoisted up a ladder to their back door.

"He got up, broke the glass door got her out the glass door," Goins said.

While we were there reporting that, a tree fell just feet away from where photographer Avery Ledwell and I were standing. Two trees left for a young couple to clean up, who’d only lived there for about a year.

"They were young, just starting out you know first house, starting to remodel it," Goins said. "He said he was going to cut the tree down [and] never got around to it… too late now."