LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — A Little Rock teacher needs help filling her school closet to help her students have access to clothes for special events.

Working as a teacher for three years at E-Stem High School in Little Rock, Tanya Phillips has taught kids who sometimes can't afford to buy new clothes.

"Last year I had a student that wanted to go to homecoming and wasn't able to because they didn't have a dress," Phillips said.

Phillips said this upset her, And she wants to make sure this does not happen again.

"There's a lot of kids out there that have prom dresses that they're never going to wear again or homecoming dresses they don't want to wear twice," she said.

So, Phillips decided to start a school closet, But first, she needs help filling it.

 "We thought if people could donate their dress clothes than we would have lots of things for them to choose from," she said. "Any kind of skirt, blazers, tops, ties. We have some ties donated already."

Richie White Jr. is in charge of the club at E-Stem called Guys In Ties.

"Basically empower them to be better males. To practice proper etiquette," White said.

He said the boys also learn how to properly dress up, but some are not able to buy new suits.

"I was approached by one of the students who were interested in joining the club and he asked me if it was okay if he wore his dress clothes with Nike shoes and I told him well… I can help you with that," White said.

Phillips said any donation could help make a student's day a little brighter.

"I wanted to make sure that our students no matter where they come from that they have the ability to go to homecoming and Prom and feel good and special," Phillips said.

You can send your used dress clothes or homecoming and prom dress to E-Stem High School at:

eStem Charter High School, ATTN: Tanya Phillips

2801 S University Avenue

Little Rock, AR 72204

Students at E-Stem elementary and middle schools will also have access to the closet.