LITTLE ROCK, Ark — For the second time, Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. is hosting the Martin Luther King Junior Unity Program with music, prayers, and words of wisdom the event aims to further unite the city.

"This service is a way to, in one way, bring folks together to continue that message and to make that become a reality." Latonya Austin, an attendee, said of the event.

People from different walks of life meet under one roof at the Saint Mark Baptist Church with the same goal: to leave united.

Elected officials and community members reflect on what's been achieved so far, and how we can live a little bit differently to make a change.

Mayor Scott says he doesn't want Dr. Kings's life and contributions to be in vain.

"Continue to be intentional and ensure that while we're being intentional that we kind of have this preferable dinner table, that we become more comfortable with being uncomfortable in how we build relationships and trust with one another," Mayor Scott said.

He says Little Rock has come a long way, but there is still more work to be done. 

"While we're moving towards this new year in 2020 we're going to be bolder, we're going to be bigger, we're going to be more decisive on how we focus on uniting our city and true change, and true growth."

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