LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — There aren't many veterans of World War II left. But a 103-year-old Arkansas man is one of them. On Tuesday, Jan. 30 he was honored for his many years of service, both as a soldier and a veteran.

Marvin Hill retired from the U.S. Army Air Corps after helping to build and maintain bridges and air fields in the Pacific Theater of World War II.

He was given several awards, including a Recognition of Continuous Membership from the American Legion. He has been in good standing with the group for 45 years.

We asked how he's managed to live this long.

"Well, if I knew that, I'd have a million dollars overnight and a line up to Fort Worth, Texas wantin' to know that," Hill said. "But I don't know. There's only one thing: I worked hard.

"I seen a man interviewed on TV that was 100-years-old. And they asked him about that. He said, 'hard work and lots of black coffee.' But I didn't drink coffee."

Every night of his deployment, he looked at a picture of his wife to help keep things in perspective. Because you never know how many days you have left, he said.