ATLANTA -- More than just pretty girls like trap music. That's made evident by the droves of people flocking to rapper 2 Chainz's pink "Trap House" on Howell Mill Rd.

He rented the house and made it an element of the marketing campaign for his new album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music. "Trap House" is attracting a huge amount of attention and has become a must-see destination in real life and on the internet.

Photos | Atlanta's pink "Trap House"

This bright pink "Trap House" has been tagged almost 300,000 times on Instagram since it went up 2 weeks ago. Marketing experts say they're astounded by the popularity of the pink house.

"It's genius, I haven't seen a marketing campaign done like this in a long time, I've seen it all over Instagram, all over twitter and Facebook. So I had to check it out," Marketing professional Kortney Easterly said.
She said this type of promotion is not something they see that often.

"It's natural. It's not something that's forced. You put something up, it's bright, it's colorful, it's fun. He's doing nail salon appointments, all sorts of things, and you just don't see promotion like that anymore," she said.

Doing it for the 'gram.

Easterly came from New York to check it out.

This couple came from Melbourne, Australia to see the "Trap House" in person. On their trip to the states, it was a must-see destination.
"And hey, this is going to look good on the 'gram, so we've got to come out," Larrie said.

The house initially had an all-pink car parked in front but it was removed after complaints about its condition.

MORE | Car at Atlanta's pink 'Trap House' towed away after complaints

Visitors mounted the car and jumped on the windshield shattering it. 11Alive was there when the tow truck arrived to take it away. People who had come to see the house were upset because the car was part of the experience.

Thousands of people are flooding the small lot the house sits on to post selfies and videos at the "Trap House."
Videos posted online show the inside of the "Trap House," that they're calling a rap museum. Demand to get in is HUGE and events are sold out.

Marketing experts are astounded at the popularity of the campaign, which they say will translate in to sales for 2 Chainz.

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The house is just one element of the campaign's magic. 2 Chainz's team placed billboards around the city with a pink house drawing, held a pop up nail salon and listening party, hosted paint and sips as for listening parties and invited everyone to come out to the house to take and post their own pictures. All in the name of his new album. An album that is #1 on Billboard's rap album charts.

The lease on the Howell Mill house expires July 7th but 2 Chainz's management team said they're still considering if they'll try and extend it to keep it up longer.

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The initial campaign was only supposed to run for 10 days, so they've already stayed longer than they thought.
Business owner Pam Barry called the campaign "genius."

“I mean, really, it's genius. I think any small business owner would love to have something like this take off," she said.

It's a "Trap House" on a street in Atlanta that people from around the world are coveting a picture with.

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