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'I noticed it was leaking:' Woman's faulty recliner replaced after 9 months of calls

The recliner Lillie Johnson purchased was having an issue, so she called the warranty company. After nine months and no resolution, she called News 2.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Sitting on the kitchen table at Lillie Johnson’s home is a folder full of notes, documents, and receipts. The folder was started the day Johnson bought a new power reclining chair.

“Oh, I keep everything,” Johnson said.

The notes and receipts are in chronological order. Johnson has names and times of who and when she talked with a certain person.

In most cases, this would not be needed, but in the case of this particular recliner, it was. A short time after buying it, Johnson noticed she couldn’t get the recliner to work properly.

“I noticed it was leaking (under the chair) like oil or something,” Johnson said.

She immediately contacted the store and the warranty company and started making a note of every interaction. Johnson spent about three months trying to get a technician to come and investigate the issue. She can tell you who and when she spoke with someone from the store and the warranty company. 

A technician was finally able to come out and inspect the chair. Unable to repair it, he ordered some new parts and told Johnson when they came in, he would call her.

“After about three or four months, I asked to speak with a supervisor and they said they were busy,” Johnson said.

By now, it had been more than seven months. Johnson was getting the run-a-round and neither the store nor the warranty company was providing any answers.

Johnson was watching TV one day and saw a News 2 segment when we helped a viewer with a problem and decided to call us.

“I see you on TV all the time doing stuff, so I said, 'I’m going to try this,'” Johnson said.

We were able to speak with a representative from the store and the warranty company. We explained the situation and explained to them the detailed records that Johnson kept.

A couple of weeks went by, but we eventually received a call from a manager at the store. After talking with us, he reached out to Johnson.

“They called after you called them and said, 'We're going to give you the opportunity to go into the store and get another chair,'” Johnson said.

A few days later, Johnson went back to the store and picked out a new chair. The chair was delivered a short time later and is now sitting in her living room, not far from the folder with receipts from the first chair.

“News 2 is wonderful. Thank you so much,” Johnson said.

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