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It's been 26 years since Morgan Nick's disappearance

June 9th, 1995. That’s the day six-year-old Morgan Nick was last seen.

ALMA, Ark. — After a new documentary aired first on Channel 5 and then across the state, hundreds of new leads have poured in about the disappearance of Morgan Nick. Wednesday marks 26 years since her abduction in Alma. 

June 9th, 1995. That’s the day six-year-old Morgan Nick was last seen. Playing with friends at an Alma ballpark. Nearly 26 years later, her mom and police are actively working to find out what happened to her.

Morgan Nick’s mother, Colleen Nick, said, “What we would want her to know is that we love her. That we have never ever given up. That we’re fighting for her and that we will bring her home.” Colleen Nick continued saying, “When Morgan was kidnapped from that ballfield. It changed her life. It changed my life. It changed our lives. It changed the lives of our community.”

Her mom describing her as a shy six-year-old with a big heart.

“She loved cats and apples. She thought that bubble gum was a food group.” Colleen said she had dreams of being a circus entertainer and a doctor.

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Colleen Nick wants her daughter to know she will never stop looking for her. 

“Our family is still as committed 26-years later to finding Morgan and bringing her home as we were the very first day that she was missing,” said Colleen Nick.

In the fight to bring her home, a documentary was created. Airing exclusively on Channel 5, “Still Missing Morgan” shows exactly what happened that night in June of 1995.

“Once it aired, we had more than 200 leads come in,” Colleen Nick said. 

To the community hoping to find Morgan, the Alma police department is now looking for the driver of a red truck, as shown in the documentary. Police say it could be linked to Morgan's disappearance. They want to know who was behind the wheel the night Morgan was abducted. Today, Morgan would be 32-years-old.

“We will still fight for her. Because she is someone worth fighting for,” said Colleen Nick. 

From this search came a nonprofit, the Morgan Nick Foundation. Hoping and searching for missing kids and adults across the nation. 

Colleen says she’ll continue to look for Morgan and others like her. 

“Until the day that someone can prove to me that she did not survive. Then I’m going to fight for her,” said Colleen Nick. 

In years past, the Morgan Nick Foundation would release pink balloons in honor of Morgan. However, this year. They’re asking that everyone share Morgan’s story and call the Alma Police Department if they have any information about her disappearance. 

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