SHERWOOD, Ark. (KTHV) — Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced Tuesday 70 instructors passed the enhanced concealed carry test and can start teaching as soon as possible.

That means many instructors around the state are gearing up to teach the class so concealed carry license holders can obtain the new enhanced carry distinction. Instructors like Nathan House of Arkansas Armory are even offering it next week.

“Right now, we’re trying to get the finishing touches put on our class so we’ll have something that’s both entertaining and educational,” House said.

The first enhanced concealed carry instructor test was offered last Wednesday. Enhanced concealed carry is optional for concealed carry holders. It allows them to take their guns into places like bars, college campuses and churches.

House said since he passed the test, his phone has not stopped going off at Arkansas Armory.

"We've got a list of about 260 deep of folks that are interested in taking the class. Of course, not all of them will be able to take the class right away but we'll start at the top of list start making phone calls and bringing them in,” he said.

Angela House also passed the test and says she and Nathan have been working non-stop to get the class up and running.

"We want to make sure we're do a good job putting the class together and getting ready for it. It's a lot of staffing issues that had to be figured out. We have to hire additional people to fill some of the time slots so we can get the class taught,” Angela House said.

Nathan House said he will most likely be able to take 18 people per class.

Concealed carry holders will first be required to pass a shooting test.

"The shooting test starts at 3 yards, goes out to 17 and then to 15 and students fire 50 rounds and they have to hit 35 of those 50,” Nathan said. “They have three chances to pass, but if they don’t pass then they have to wait 90 days to take it again.”

Students will then have to sit through a six-hour course on the specifics of enhanced concealed carry.

"We'll talk about where you can carry and where you can't carry. Even with the enhanced license. Of course the enhanced license opens up a lot of opportunities to carry in places they otherwise wouldn't be able to carry,” Nathan House said.

House said he will be offering both the shooting test and the class for $150 dollars. He said he should have the class open by next Wednesday, Feb. 7.

Concealed carry instructors have until July 1 to take the enhanced carry test, otherwise their certifications will be revoked.