There’s a plea from a central Arkansas girl, out on a mission to help save her grandma’s life. She’s using social media to reach a bigger audience in hopes of finding a kidney donor.

Cole Shoaf, 9, took to Facebook, with the help of her mom, and is asking people to get tested to see if they’re a match. She said she hopes that post that has been shared dozens of times will reach the right person.

I keep seeing everyone posting about being an organ donor. Well my mom needs an organ!! Please share this pic of Cole with my moms info on it in hopes we can get a new kidney for the new year!!

“I want her to be able to get around," Cole said, "and do a lot of stuff that she is not able to do that much anymore because it’s very hard for her, and it hurts a lot when she does her dialysis.”

Cole is talking about her grandmother, Lori Stogran, who is in desperate need of a kidney donor. Her kidneys were badly damaged by an infection that went undetected.

“I had the first transplant and it was good for ten years," Lori said, "and then it failed December of 2015, and I do dialysis now.”

For four years, Lori, who lives in Pennsylvania, has been searching for a kidney donor who is an “A positive” blood type. She hopes one day she will be able to stop having dialysis five times a day.

“Sometimes they hurt," Lori said, "and sometimes it’s very unpleasant and it limits things. If I go on vacation I have to make arrangements to have supplies sent there and I have to do them every three to four hours.”

It’s a pain her granddaughter Cole hopes to ease, all the way from central Arkansas by helping her find a match.

“I want them to get tested if they can," Cole said, "and then they’ll feel happy and I’ll feel happy and everything will be better.”

Cole has taken to social media in hopes of reaching a bigger audience, it’s an effort that moves Lori to tears.

“The thought and the kindness coming from someone so young," Lori said, "and she is so caring, it’s emotional.”

If you would like to be tested or are an “A positive" blood type and think you may be a match, you can contact Lori directly at (724)-493-5521.