HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (KTHV) - The iconic Arlington Resort Hotel and Spa in Hot Springs has new owners with plans to renovate the building. The 93-year-old hotel has been under the same ownership of Southwest Hotels since 1954, but Sky Capital Group of Little Rock purchased the Arlington with plans to revamp it, while keeping its historic charm.

"We get excited every week when we get to come sit in the ballroom where Al Capone used to dance," said Don Gooch, President of the Rotary Club who meets there every week. "The Arlington is one of Arkansas’s iconic buildings and it's actually one of America’s iconic buildings and we're excited someone wants to come invest some capital and take it back to the grandeur that it once had."

For exactly $5,310,251, Sky Capital Group bought the hotel and everything that goes along with it. The CEO mentioned a strong interest in the hotel and its history and a want to continue renovations.

"There is a lot of work that needs to be done, it might come in the category of extreme makeover," said Forrest Spicher with the Rotary Club and Hot Springs Metro Partnership.

The Arlington is Arkansas’s largest hotel with 478 rooms, but the general manager told us after renovations you can expect about 100 less rooms. That way they can allow some of the rooms to get even larger.

“Anything that enhances the room experience here will be good for tourism," said Gooch.

The character and architecture of the 45,000-square foot building is expected to remain, but with added modernization.

"If we can have a really cool place to visit, attractive old hotel that when you step into it they’re really, really nice, that’s what we’re looking for and we're hopeful," said Spicher.

We still don’t have a timeline on when restoration work will begin or end, but we are told it will be done in three sections so the hotel will be able to stay open through the renovations.