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Officials capture big alligator in small Arkansas town

The alligator at one point even attacks a truck during the tussle with Game and Fish officials in Monticello, Arkansas.

MONTICELLO, Ark. — Officials on Wednesday night successfully captured an alligator in Monticello, Arkansas.

According to MonticelloLive, officials with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission captured the alligator around 8:30 p.m. on Highway 138, also known as Winchester Road.

While the men worked to tie it up, the gator attempted to bite a moving truck.

The two men successfully secured the gator's mouth closed and tied its legs to prevent any rolling.

It was then dragged onto a trailer for removal and placed in a nearby wildlife management area to give it and the public some safety.

Officials say it was a 9'6" male, which is pretty sizeable for a gator.

AGFC urged the public that if they see an alligator in the road or on the side to leave it alone as that could delay it from moving on from the location.

We have reached out to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission for more information on the alligator and where it was taken.

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