LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – On Friday, volunteers with Rescue Road will transport their 4,000th dog cross-country to be adopted.

A two-year-old pit bull mix named Laffy Taffy will be taken to Boston, Massachusetts where she will be placed for adoption.

Laffy Taffy was pulled from an outdoor shelter in Hazen after being abandoned and found to be heartworm positive. After three months with her Rescue Road foster family, she is now heartworm free and ready to be placed in a permanent home.

Transporting dogs, Rescue Road
Transporting dogs, Rescue Road

Founded in 2012, Rescue Road is a 501c3 nonprofit located in Little Rock whose mission is to redirect happy, healthy, adoptable dogs into other networks around the country to find their forever home. Since their start, they have saved 4,000 dogs from shelters around Arkansas and treated 295 dogs for heartworm disease.

Rescue Road utilizes a team of dedicated volunteers and foster families to send dogs up North where the population is denser and strays and shelter animals are scarce. They currently have 161 active foster families that have opened their homes up to dogs in need to provide a loving and safe environment until they are ready for transport. Foster families are crucial to Rescue Road’s operation and help free up room in local shelters for more dogs to be taken in. Fosters typically commit 2-6 weeks to a single dog and provide food and shelter while Rescue Road covers all vetting expenses.

“Becoming involved with Rescue Road has been the most rewarding decision my husband and I have ever made. Being part of a dog’s journey from the shelter to their new family is an overwhelming feeling,” said Kyndall Rogers, volunteer and foster. “I hope we will continue to gain more foster families so we can get more dogs out of shelters and into their forever homes.”

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