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Arkansas Department of Transportation prepares for winter weather

ARDOT's Strike Team spent Wednesday making sure they're ready for whatever this winter has in store for drivers in the state.

ARKANSAS, USA — The saying "it takes a team" has proven to be true for the Arkansas Department of Transportation Strike Team.

“[There are] 90 members or so of the strike team,” said ARDOT Spokesperson Dave Parker. 

“A collection of people, primarily maintenance workers statewide, who their primary jobs, maybe it's a slower time of the year more seasonal type job. So, they know that when winter weather happens, they are deployed,” he added.

The team spent Wednesday making sure they were ready for winter weather.

“To discuss things to hear from the crews who are out in the fields, who will be out doing the plowing, okay, what do you need? What are you seeing, what are you hearing,” said Parker.

Parker said that he has discovered that communication is key, over the previous years. 

“From the person actually driving the plow, to the person telling the plow where to go, to the people deciding how many plows and do we put brine down, do we put straight salt down,” said Parker.

Parker explained that they've been actively coordinating with state police who are out during big weather situations. 

He added that when it comes to supplies and equipment, they're good to go, with no supply chain issues impacting them. The biggest concern though is having enough hands on deck.

“We're trying to hire more people one, but also figure out where can we move people in those situations, but still be able to attack cleaning the road as best we can,” said Parker.

Though Wednesday was just a dress rehearsal ARDOT crews are ready for what's next.

“We will have our guard up. We will watch the forecast more than ever. We'll have equipment ready to go. We'll keep an eye on resources. And hopefully, we'll get through everything fine,” said Parker.

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