While at the Las Vegas airport during a layover, our own Laura Monteverdi caught up with a group of Arkansans who were in the front row of the show where at least 59 people died during a mass shooting.

In a Facebook post, Monteverdi described the feeling inside the airport as both quiet and somber. She began speaking to people who were in the middle of the terror and chaos.

"Everywhere you look, people are crying," she said. "Sometimes in groups, sometimes alone. No doubt, there is only one thing on everyone's minds.

As she spoke with several people at the airport, she came across a group of Arkansans who said they were in the front row when the shooting started.

One woman said that people were running past her, some were being carried, and a young woman was being pushed away in a wheel barrow amid the chaos.

"A grown man cried openly to me recalling last night's events. He told me he called his church back home in Arkadelphia and his church went to his family and his children to pray with them until he could come home," Monteverdi said.

On the flight from Phoenix to Las Vegas, another woman told Monteverdi that her son called her screaming as he was "dodging bullets." She got on the first flight she could to Las Vegas. Thankfully, both her son and daughter were okay, but it's that same frantic terror that many are feeling in Las Vegas.

"I sat here listening to these stories and cried along with them, right here in the airport" Monteverdi admitted. "It is overwhelmingly emotional -- there is no other way to describe it."

As she talked to people, she noticed that complete strangers continued to comfort each other in the wake of this tragedy. Even through the terror caused by one man, people came together to hug, to cry, and to grieve.

"I refuse to believe there is not good still in this world. I pray that you too have that same faith," Monteverdi said.