On Tuesday, six Arkansans with the Arkansas United Community Coalition joined other protesters in D.C. to take part in a "civil disobedience" protest until the DREAM Act was approved, according to CBS affiliate KFSM.

But Xiomara Caldera said once the group went to U.S. Senator Tom Cotton's office, they were "immediately kicked out."

"They did not give us a chance to share our stories even after we explained that we were his constituents," Caldera said.

Humberto Marquez, organizing director of the protests, said the group has performed various demonstrations which included sit-ins, blocking traffic and "a lot of things that create pressure like interrupting meetings."

"We have been reaching out to them for months and months and sometimes they listen but there's no action," Marquez said.

Caroline Rabbitt Tabler, Cotton's communications director, said the senator always happy to hear from Arkansans "whether in D.C. or at any of his state offices."