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Arkansas AG Tim Griffin suing ATF over gun stabilizer regulation

Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin said that he plans to file a lawsuit against the "unlawful" gun stabilizer regulation that's being imposed by the ATF.

ARKANSAS, USA — (Eds. note: The attached video is from Jan. 2023.) 

In January, a new regulation regarding gun stabilizing braces was issued by The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF); the national office that sets regulations for firearms. 

It states that nearly all gun owners that use a stabilizing brace would have to register their weapons with the government or risk a felony.

The rule was created after concern that people use the brace incorrectly to shoot from their shoulder, like a bump stock, though the ATF said that this would not impact braces that are designed for people with disabilities and cannot be shouldered.

The rule received its fair share of praise but plenty of pushback as countless throughout the state felt that this could potentially criminalize gun owners, who would otherwise legally own their firearm. 

A number of sheriffs around Arkansas expressed their disapproval of the regulation and shared that they had no intention of enforcing the rule. 

"A lot of you know, otherwise legal gun owners now felt that they can be arrested and potentially charged and convicted of a felony," said Stone County Sheriff Brandon Long. "My agency is not going to be housing citizens or making any arrests in reference to non-compliance with this act."

The back and forth dialogue has continued since the regulation was announced and has even caught the attention of Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin. 

Griffin said that the new 'stabilizing braces' rule is unlawful and that he plans to file a lawsuit to prevent the ATF from enforcing it, releasing the following statement:

"For more than a decade, these braces have been sold as firearm attachments not subject to regulation. Stabilizing braces were designed to help people with disabilities use pistols, and they have become increasingly popular with senior citizens," said Attorney General Tim Griffin. "The rule, however, affects most pistol owners, as many lawful gun owners use stabilizers to mitigate firearm recoil and enhance accuracy. Congress didn’t grant President Biden’s ATF the authority to impose such a broad and sweeping mandate on Americans, and we’re asking the Court to immediately block it.” 

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