LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- An Arkansas author has created a series of books aimed at encouraging a new generation of kid entrepreneurs. The books tell the real life stories of kids all over the United States who have successfully started their own companies.

The author, Erica Swallow, said she wants kids to know they are never too young to create something new.

“We want kids to have exposure to entrepreneurship early on,” she said. “As first generation college students, me and the book illustrator, didn't get exposure to the idea that we could solve problems in the world until we were in college."

She’s excited to change that reality by telling the true stories of innovative little ones. The “Entrepreneur Kid” book series is a series featuring the stories of four kid entrepreneurs that created their own socks, hair bows, technology, and sports equipment. Swallow said these are stories that kids should hear so they can have mentors in their lives that are their own age and doing something incredible.


Swallow said there are already talented kids in Central Arkansas doing big things. Josh Moody said he was only 12 years old when he started learning more about electronics trying to figure out how things work. By the time he was 16, Josh created his own applications, winning entrepreneurship competitions as a teen. Now, only 20 years old, he runs his own startup company. He said these books could inspire more young innovators.

“There are kids out there doing incredible things at such young ages,” he said. “You would never think it would be possible for someone that young to comprehend, understand, let alone be successful at something.”

Right now the books are just in the beginning stages. The Kickstarter campaign for the series just launched on March 28, but the company has already reached nearly 15% of their goal. For more information visit their site.